this is the day we all get together as a large group. there is no dress code. there is no code language. there is no expectation of what you should already know.

so dress casual, talk normal and just be the real you from every other day.


here is what you can expect:

  • we will sing a couple songs
  • someone will say hello
  • we'll drink coffee and talk to people around us
  • someone will talk about God
  • you will be invited to the communion table*
  • a silly video will give you a few announcements
  • someone will say goodbye
  • the whole thing will last about an hour and 15 minutes

here is where we meet: 

sundays @ 10am

archbishop murphy high school
12911 39th ave se, everett, wa  98208



we aren't much for rituals, but this simple one we like cause Jesus did and so we do it every week.
its a table set up with some bread and juice. they are ordinary symbols that Jesus said would help us remember his love for us and the sacrificial love we should have for all people.
it's totally voluntary and there is no pressure to participate if you aren't ready.
there are no qualifications or tests to pass. anyone and everyone is invited to the table.