most sundays we gather together as a community and among our treasured rhythms is interacting with a spoken message.  we don't use much religious language, and we don't get up on our political soapbox. we just wrestle with a part of the bible and let it irritate, encourage or inspire us for a bit. they aren't one-sided talks either. if you wanna chime in your questions or thoughts, you can anonymously text 425.379.7284 and we'll respond.

current series

jesus was an incredibly popular teacher in his day. and as much as 1/3 of his teaching was made up of stories. some had humor and entertainment. some may have been based on real events. but all of them had a purpose. the story would pique your interest and disarm you just long enough for jesus to drive home his point. come listen and hear what is just beneath the surface of the most famous stories of all time.



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